Become a Certified Money Mindset Coach & Transform Lives in just 6 weeks:

Everything You Need to Launch Your Thriving Practice

Done For You, Ready To Go, Money Mindset Coaching System

Are you passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and fulfillment?

Do you dream of a career where you make a real difference while building your own success?

Imagine guiding clients to overcome limiting beliefs, develop healthy money habits, and finally break free from financial limitations. This isn't just a dream - it can be your reality as a Certified Money Mindset Coach.

Our comprehensive Money Mindset Coach Training equips you with everything you need to thrive.

Here is whats included:

  • Transformative Coaching Techniques: Master cutting-edge methods to help clients achieve lasting financial success. We go beyond the basics, providing you with proven strategies to uncover and dismantle limiting beliefs, build sustainable wealth habits, and empower clients to reach their financial goals with confidence.

  • Become a Certified Money Mindset Coach: Gain industry recognition and credibility with our rigorous certification program. This program sets you apart from the competition and positions you as a trusted expert in the field.

  • Build Your Coaching Business from the Ground Up: You won't be left on your own. We provide a comprehensive business blueprint with proven strategies for attracting ideal clients, setting competitive rates, and marketing your coaching services effectively.

  • Done-For-You Marketing Materials: Get a head start with our library of pre-designed marketing materials including templates for emails, social media posts, and website. This saves you valuable time and ensures a professional brand image from day one.

This program is perfect for:

  • Passionate Coaches & Therapists: Expand your toolkit, gain a competitive edge, and empower clients to achieve lasting financial well-being.

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners: Deepen your connection with your audience, offer a high-value service, and attract premium clients by integrating money mindset coaching into your offerings.

  • Financial Wellness Champions: Make a profound impact by helping others break free from financial stress and achieve their goals.

  • Aspiring Coaches: Learn the best coaching methods to build a thriving coaching practice as a Certified Money Mindset Coach.

On Completion

Start Your Own Money Mindset Coaching Business

On completion of the Certified Money Mindset Coach Training, you will be ready to utilise your Money Mindset coaching skills to build a thriving practice.

With the confidence to help clients either within a 1:1 or group setting, you will learn how to:

  • Land dream clients consistently: Attract premium clients with laser-targeted strategies, and powerful lead magnets.

  • Facilitate change and create elite outcomes in any area of a client’s life through powerful coaching techniques

  • Become a Client Magnet: Master high-performance marketing strategies with mentorship from six and seven-figure coaches. Learn the "Coach 100 System" and fill your practice within months of being a new money mindset certified coach.

You will also be provided with the framework and confidence to create, package and sell various coaching programs to your clients through our comprehensive sales and marketing training.

Now Just Imagine! As soon as you finish the Money Mindset Coaching Certification training you will be able to start a professional career as a certified and qualified coach, and we'll show you how!

What’s Included In the Program

Become a Certified Money Mindset Coach & Transform Lives in just 6 weeks: Everything You Need to Launch Your Thriving Practice

Your investment includes:

  • 36 hours Money Mindset Transformation Coach Training:

    Master the art and science of Money Mindset Coaching, infused with powerful deep transformation techniques.

  • 6 group mentoring sessions

    with Braja Mohan Das, our Founder and Master Coach with over 35 years of experience coaching more than 40,000 clients and students globally.

  • 3 Immersive Coaching Practicums:

    Sharpen your skills through observed coaching sessions with master coaches, receiving real-time feedback and ongoing mentoring.

  • Unlimited Peer Coaching

    Connect with a supportive network of aspiring coaches and elevate your skills through ongoing practice.

  • 6 month access to the money mindset community hub:

    Network, find inspiration, and connect with a vibrant coaching community of leaders, changemakers, and innovators.

  • Optional Add-on: 10K money formula and toolkit

    Launch your money mindset coaching practice with confidence. This optional add-on provides our proprietary strategy to enrol clients to help you achieve your first $10,000 and build a thriving money mindset life coaching business.

At the end of the program you will:

  • Have received 6 weeks of personal coaching and education that transforms you from the inside out.

  • Graduate as a Certified Money Mindset Coach ™ who is proficient in the Life Mastery Coaching MethodⓇ and equipped with skills to facilitate personal transformation in yourself and others.

  • Gain the confidence to launch a coaching business and design a life that aligns to your values and purpose.

  • Build lifelong relationships with like-minded individuals who have a shared passion for learning and growth.


JUNE 6th 2024: USD $996*


Real Coaches, Real Transformation

"From Information to Transformation: This training transcended stories and delivered results, it's exceptional. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to become a master coach!"

"This program helped me break free from old patterns and step into my true purpose. I'm getting clients and creating an impact and loving it"

"If you are considering doing your coach training with Academy For Coaches don't think twice and go ahead. This program wen't way beyond all of my expectations"

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Master Money Coaching: 6 Modules to Empower Clients

This program equips you to transform your clients' relationship with money.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Crack the Money Code: Discover the 8 core drivers behind your clients' financial behavior.

  • Shift Money Beliefs: Guide them through a powerful visualization to break free of negativity and embrace abundance.

  • Master Money Conversations: Equip them to navigate money discussions with confidence in any situation.

  • Rewrite Money Stories: Help clients rewrite their financial narrative for a brighter future.

  • Shatter Money Limits: Eliminate the 4 biggest mindsets holding them back from earning their worth.

  • Design a Dream Life: Guide them in crafting a soul-inspired life plan and taking action towards their dreams.

This program gives you the tools to empower your clients to achieve lasting financial success.

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Discover How You Can Easily Attract New Clients & Get Paid to Create Deep, Personal Transformation by Becoming a SACRED MONEY BLUEPRINT® Certified Coach

Imagine adding the exciting healing power of money coaching to your business so you can bring in new clients, re-enroll current clients, touch more peoples lives and make money coaching

Is becoming a Certified Sacred Money Blueprint® Coach right for you?

Let's find out...

You want a DONE-FOR-YOU money coaching system you can use to attract new clients immediately

You LOVE SAVING TIME by unlocking instant access to a proven, step by step "program in a box" you can begin delivering in as little as a few days

You want to CONFIDENTLY COACH people to break free of their ‘glass money ceiling’, create money harmony in their relationships, and fully own their worth in the world

You want a BRAND NEW, profitable money coaching offer that is easy to market and includes all of the forms, checklists, templates, scripts, even marketing training and more so you can make money right away

You are excited to deliver MONEY COACHING workshops, courses, and programs — both live and virtual — to ideal clients who are happy to pay you to create deep, powerful transformation

You love to learn in a COMMUNITY of passionate, soul-driven people who love money coaching, and who generously give support, expertise, ideas, feedback and more

Getting Certified Gives You A COMPLETE Money Coaching System

The 6 modules you’re getting certified in are the magic key that unlock your clients potential to earn more money, create money harmony in their relationships, and fully own their worth in the world … and for you, too!

This is the power of Sacred Money Blueprint® Certification training!

Each module includes done-for-you, ready to brand as your own downloadable coaching handouts, exercises, templates, visualizations, scripts, quiz, mindsets and more — all so you don’t spend years trying to develop all this

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Certified Life Coach Training, For Free - Normally £996

Full day of live, immersive and interactive online life coach training, designed for brand new & existing coaches who want to stand out from the crowd.

  • After completing this mini program you will get your Life Coach Foundations Certificate.

  • Learn about the most complete coaching method in the coaching industry - 'The 6 Levels of Coaching' and the "4 Levels of Life Mastery"

  • While in the program you will have access to coaching experts and peers to guide you in your coaching development.

  • Authorised by the International Coaching Federation & World Coach Association, the gold standard of coaching.

  • 5 Star Rating: Best choice "Life Coach Certification"
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Who You Learn From Matters

Braja Mohan Das: Architect of Breakthrough Leaders

Igniting Personal Growth. Inspiring Global Change.

For over 35 years, Braja Mohan Das has been a visionary force in coaching and transformation. He's not just a coach; he's an architect, meticulously crafting personalized journeys that empower leaders to shatter limitations and achieve breakthrough results.

His expertise in NLP and Leadership development has graced esteemed institutions like Oxford and impacted audiences worldwide. From Fortune 100 executives navigating complex challenges to individuals seeking to unlock their full potential, Braja has ignited the power of growth in over 40,000 individuals.

Braja's passion is contagious. He believes that personal growth is the cornerstone of positive change, not just for individuals, but for the world as a whole. Through his Academy for Coaches, founded in 2009, he empowers coaches around the globe to become catalysts for powerful transformation.

Brajamohan Das

Founder & Master Coach