Leadership Master Coach

Become a Transformational Leadership Coach for Executives

PCC Accredited Coach Training Program

Beyond Coaching Excellence. Craft Leadership Legends.

The Leadership Master Coach program is not for everyone. It's for the visionary leadership coaches who are ready to become architects of leadership transformation at the highest level.

This exclusive Level 2 cohort is limited to a select few. Here, you won't find aspiring coaches. You'll find established leadership master coaches who are ready to elevate their impact and command premium fees from the world's most sought-after leadership clients.

This isn't about acquiring another credential. It's about unlocking your full leadership coaching genius and becoming a master architect of profound leadership transformations that ripple outward, shaping businesses and the world for the better.

Our Graduates Say It Best:

"The Leadership Master Coach program was a game-changer for my practice. Brajamohan Das's mentorship pushed me to new levels, and the $100K+ Client Acquisition Formula helped me attract high-caliber executives eager for my guidance. My income has doubled, and the impact I have on leaders is truly fulfilling."
- Dr. Harris, Executive Coach

Ascend to Coaching Mastery

The Difference:


Bespoke Mentorship

Receive intimate 1-on-1 coaching from renowned ICF-PCC Coaches. They'll meticulously craft a personalized journey to accelerate your coaching mastery.


$100K+ Executive Client Acquisition Formula

Bypass the obstacles most coaches face and attract high-profile leaders seeking your transformative expertise. Save months of trial and error with our proven system.


Learn from a Master of Leadership Coaching

Brajamohan Das: A coaching legend with over 35 years of experience transforming leaders. Braja Mohan Das will personally equip you with the advanced methodologies used to coach Fortune 100 Leaders and other top executives.


Unmatched ROI

Our program is designed to help you recover your investment within months by attracting just a few premium clients willing to pay top dollar for your expertise.


Exclusive AFC Partner Program

Opportunity to earn $50k to $100k per year by becoming a certified and licensed AFC Coaching Partner to coach, mentor and train our scholarship students.

Become a Curator of Leadership Transformation:

Imagine coaching C-suite executives through transformational journeys that unlock their full potential and propel them to even greater success. The Leadership Master Coach program equips you with the advanced coaching methodologies and proven strategies to make this vision your reality.

Limited Cohort. Limitless Potential.

Only a select few leadership coaches will be accepted into this exclusive program. Secure your spot during the early-bird discount.

Become one of the select few to join this elite program.

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P.S. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your coaching practice to the highest level and become a trusted advisor to the world's most influential leaders. Space is strictly limited.

This Transformational Program Provides

  • 125 Hours of ICF-Approved Coach Training

    Deepen your coaching expertise with advanced leadership development models and techniques.

  • 10 Hours of Personalized Mentor Coaching

    Receive group and one-on-one coaching from MCC or PCC level coaches to refine your skills and address your unique needs.

  • 6 Immersive Coaching Practicums

    Hone your coaching prowess in a safe space with real-world scenarios and expert feedback.

  • Unlimited Peer Coaching

    Connect with a supportive network of aspiring coaches and elevate your skills through ongoing practice.

  • Exclusive Access to AFC's VIP Coaching Community:

    Connect with a vibrant community of successful coaches who share your passion for growth. Get ongoing peer support, knowledge sharing, networking opportunities.

  • Flexible and Customised Online Classes:

    Learn at your own pace, with online classes that work around your schedule. All live sessions are recorded allowing you to revisit key concepts at your convenience from our VIP coaching community area.

  • Leadership Coaching on Your Terms

    Most coaches complete the program within 6 months, with the option to extend to 12 months for maximum flexibility.

  • Exclusive AFC Partner Program (optional)

    Opportunity to earn $50k to $100k per year by becoming a certified and licensed AFC Coaching Partner to coach, mentor and train our scholarship students.

Our Leadership Master Coach program includes all the necessary coach training hours and mentor coaching hours to earn an ICF PCC Credential. Your ICF application will also require 500 coach client hours, which are separate to the program.


The $100K Executive Client Acquisition Formula

Bypass the uncertainties of a new career and minimize the risk of launching a new business with our proven system to achieve your first $100k within the first year of being an AFC Leadership Master Coach.

It includes:

  • Unlock The Executive Client Acquisition Formula (NDA Protected):

    This proprietary system, utilized by a select group of elite coaches, empowers you to attract C-Suite leaders eager for the transformative power of your coaching. This secret and proven strategy has the potential to build a 6 & 7 figure coaching practice.

  • 12 hours of live group business mentoring from 7 figure coaches:

    Gain clarity, personalized insights, actionable strategies, and expert guidance tailored to your business goals from master coaches who have already built 6 and 7 figure leadership coaching practices. (no theory - proven & working systems)

  • Unlimited Access to the AFC Leadership Coach Portal:

    Find everything you ever need to successfully promote AFC programs all in one place. Access regularly updated promotion and content assets such as graphics, articles and social media copy optimized for email, social and content marketing.

  • Leadership Coach Website and Lead Generation System (Done For You)

    Your own Leadership Master Coach website template including landing pages and your own preconfigured lead generation system to assist with finding, nurturing and closing new clients.
    (See our leadership coaches software here)

  • Leadership Coach Business Mastery Program:

    For those who want to progress and grow their coaching business beyond 100K, ongoing training will be provided to take your business to the next level.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Earn Your ICF PCC Credential (or MCC if you are already PCC):
    Be a highly sought-after coach, meeting the rigorous standards for professional leadership coaching.

  • Launch a Fulfilling Coaching Practice:
    Build a values-driven business that attracts ideal clients and delivers impactful results.

  • Command Premium Coaching Fees:
    Become a recognized leader in the field, commanding premium fees for your invaluable expertise.

  • Be Ready to Leave a Lasting Legacy:
    Empower the next generation of leaders to create a ripple effect of positive change.

  • Join Our Exclusive AFC Partner Program: (Optional)
    With the potential to earn $50k to $100k in your first year as a certified and licensed AFC Coaching Partner.

Early-Bird Discount Available Until

JULY 1st 2024: USD $24,997*


Who You Learn From Matters

Brajamohan Das: Architect of Breakthrough Leaders

For over 35 years, Braja has been a trusted advisor and coach to executives, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results. His deep-level coaching goes beyond conventional methods, crafting personalized journeys that empower leaders to overcome limitations and inspire those around them. Braja isn't just a coach; he's a catalyst for transformation.

Empowering the Next Generation of Leadership Coaches

Braja's passion extends beyond his own practice. As the founder of Academy For Coaches, he's dedicated to cultivating the next generation of elite leadership coaches. His deep understanding of leadership development, combined with his commitment to ethical and empowering coaching practices, ensures his students are equipped to create lasting impact.

Ready to Become a Sought-After Leadership Coach?

If you're an aspiring coach who wants to make a difference by guiding leaders on their journeys to greatness, Braja and Academy For Coaches can help you realize your potential.

Brajamohan Das

Founder & Master Coach