Become A Certified Deep Transformation Leadership Coach

Invest in your coaching mastery. Earn your ICF accreditation and become a highly sought-after premium level leadership coach.

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Transformational leadership coach training ICF

Evolve to Executive Coach:

The Premier Leadership Coaching Certification

ICF coach training for leadership development

Become a Transformation Architect

Equip yourself to guide leaders through profound personal and professional growth with our proven coaching methods.

Leadership development coaching ICF program

Unleash Your Coaching Mastery

This exclusive high-impact program empowers seasoned leaders to become masterful coaches for other leaders.

Become a leadership coach ICF certified

Join a Thriving Community of Leadership Coaches

Network with like-minded coaches dedicated to supporting each other's success.

ICF accredited leadership coach training

Unlock Financial Freedom with Coaching

Build a thriving practice and potentially reach $100k within 12-18 months. Maintain your lifestyle while pursuing a fulfilling career. (optional for corporates)

Become a leadership coach

Fast ROI: Recover Your Investment in Weeks

Leadership coaching is one of the highest-paying coaching specialties. With just 1 or 2 clients, you can recoup your investment in this program within days, or weeks, not months.

Are You Ready to Evolve as a Leadership Coach and Make a Lasting Impact?

This program is designed for high-achieving professionals who are ready to transition from successful leader to impactful leadership coach.

Are you:

  • A seasoned executive seeking a fulfilling career shift?

  • A passionate leader eager to empower others through coaching?

  • An established professional ready to build a thriving coaching practice?

  • A professional in transition who want to leverage your strengths and purpose towards a new career path.

  • An aspiring coach aiming for ICF accreditation?

  • An experienced coach refining your skills and seeking CCE hours?

Become a Catalyst for Leadership Transformation

Go beyond coaching. Ignite the potential within leaders and leave a lasting legacy of empowered individuals and thriving organizations.

Leveraging Braja Mohan Das's 35+ years of expertise, our exclusive program equips you with the skills and confidence to:

  • Unleash extraordinary leadership potential.

  • Command premium coaching fees (potential to reach $100,000 within 12-18 months).

  • Join a vibrant community of changemakers.

This comprehensive program provides:

  • Proven strategies for securing your first $100,000 in coaching revenue.

  • Fast ROI: Recover Your Investment for the training with Just 1-2 Clients

  • Expert mentorship and a personalized business blueprint.

  • The roadmap to build a successful coaching career.

This is your opportunity to make a real difference. Are you ready?

Executive leadership coaching certification ICF

Evolve into a Transformational Leadership Coach:

A Premium Coaching Certification Experience

This isn't just about certification...

it's about unlocking your full potential as a highly sought-after Leadership Coach. Our program equips you with the skills, strategies, and confidence to guide leaders through profound personal and professional transformation.

Your investment in the program includes:

  • 60 Hours of ICF-Approved Deep Transformation Leadership Coach Training:

    Master the art and science of coaching, infused with powerful deep transformation techniques.

  • 10 Hours Mentor Coaching with ICF-PCC Level Coaches:

    Receive personalized guidance and support from experienced coaches accelerating your journey to coaching mastery.

  • 3 Immersive Coaching Practicums:

    Hone your skills through real-world coaching scenarios, receiving expert feedback and ongoing mentoring from master coaches.

  • Unlimited Peer Coaching Network:

    Connect with a supportive network of aspiring coaches and elevate your skills through ongoing practice.

  • Exclusive Access to AFC's VIP Coaching Community:

    Network, find inspiration, and connect with a vibrant community of successful coaches & inspirational leaders who share your passion for growth.

  • The $100K Executive Client Acquisition Formula: (Optional for corporate clients)

    Our proven strategy empowers you to launch a thriving coaching practice with confidence. Gain access to exclusive mentoring and a system specifically designed to attract high-profile clients like C-Suite executives and command premium coaching fees.

Leadership coach certification online ICF

This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with everything you need to earn your ICF ACC Credential:

By Program Completion, You Will:

  • Become a Certified Deep Transformation Leadership Coach™:
    Proficient in High-Impact Leadership Coaching and equipped to facilitate powerful transformations for yourself and others.

  • Meet ICF ACC Credentialing Requirements:
    Be prepared to confidently apply for your ICF credential.

  • Launch a Fulfilling Leadership & Executive Coaching Business:
    Gain the skills and confidence to build a practice aligned with your values and purpose, attracting ideal clients.

  • Become a Highly Sought-After Leadership Coach in High Demand:
    Command Premium Coaching Fees and Build a Lucrative Coaching Practice

  • Leave a Lasting Legacy: "Shape the Future of Leadership:
    Equip yourself to guide the next generation of leaders, leaving a lasting legacy of empowered individuals and thriving organizations.

  • Recover Your Investment with Just 1 or 2 Clients (Fast ROI)
    Leadership coaching is one of the highest-paying coaching specialties. With just 1 or 2 high-paying clients, you can easily recoup your investment in this training and start building a thriving practice.

Invest In Your Coaching Legacy

$12,996* usd

Program Details

ICF coach training program for leaders

Self Paced Program!

Fit your coaching journey around your busy schedule! Our self-paced program gives you 6 months to complete your certification which can be completed in only 3 months.

Develop leadership skills through ICF coaching

Small Groups, Big Impact

Our intimate group sizes and interactive sessions ensure everyone gets the chance to coach and be coached, creating a personalized learning experience.

ICF coach training for organizational leaders

24/7 VIP Coach Member Area

Stay organized and connected with your VIP Coach Member Area. Easily join sessions with one-click call time-in links, stay informed with class schedules and recordings, connect and collaborate with fellow coaches in the forum and chat, and never miss a beat with notifications.

Build leadership coaching practice ICF certified

No Boring Theory, Just Coaching

We have learned that the best way to learn how to coach, is to coach, while getting real time feedback from your master coach. Sessions are fast paced and filled with powerful coaching experiences. No boring homework or long lectures here!

Who You Learn From matters

Braja Mohan Das: Architect of Breakthrough Leaders

For over 35 years, Braja has been a trusted advisor and master coach to executives, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results. His deep-level coaching goes beyond conventional methods, crafting personalized journeys that empower leaders to overcome limitations and inspire those around them. Braja isn't just a coach; he's a catalyst for transformation.

Empowering the Next Generation of Leadership Coaches

Braja's passion extends beyond his own practice. As the founder of Academy For Coaches, he's dedicated to cultivating the next generation of elite leadership coaches. His deep understanding of leadership development, combined with his commitment to ethical and empowering coaching practices, ensures his students are equipped to create lasting impact.

Ready to Become a Sought-After Leadership Coach?

If you're an aspiring coach who wants to make a difference by guiding leaders on their journeys to greatness, Braja and Academy For Coaches can help you realize your potential.

Brajamohan Das

Founder & Master Coach