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Here's what others have to say about Academy for coaches:

"I got my first 3 coaching clients In 1 week and made 22.5 Lacs. In the next few months I was able to do more than 80 Lacs"


Business Coach

"Within the first few months of joining Academy for Coaches I was able to bring in $57,970 to my executive coaching practice"


Executive Coach

"I made 5.5 Lacs In my first month as a new coach. Now I know how to get new coaching clients anytime I want with this powerful system"


Executive Coach

Academy For Coaches
Focuses on Three Core Areas

  1. Training people how to be excellent coaches
  2. Helping coaches get to $5k to $15k per month in their own coaching business
  3. Partnering with Academy For Coaches as one of our master coaches (after graduation)

Depending on what you need and at what stage of your coaching career you're at, Academy For Coaches can help you. 

New Coaches

If you're just starting your journey as a coach then the first step we start with is developing your coaching skills. 

At this stage we'll closely guide you on choosing a specific coaching field you want to specialise in it can be any of the following: 

  • Relationship coaching
  • Business coaching 
  • Executive coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Health & wellness coaching
  • Spiritual coaching

After choosing you niche our Master Coaches will guide you in mastering that field of coaching expertise.

You Need Clients

The next priority of your coaching journey is getting clients. 

We work with many coaches at this stage both new and old coaches. 

Many certified coaches come to Academy for Coaches because they are great at coaching but not so good at getting clients. 

The success of your coaching business depends on consistently getting new clients. It’s not enough to be a great coach or great at what you do…you need clients. 

And not just any clients, but the right clients.

The ones who are motivated to work with you. Who understand that you’re unique and different from anyone else in the marketplace. Who show up coachable, decisive, and resourceful. Who do the work, get the results, and make you look like a superstar.

Without a consistent flow of the perfect clients, your coaching business is in big trouble.

We Can Help

Most client attraction strategies being taught today just don’t work. Blogging, Tweeting, Podcasting, Grinding out articles and videos. All that stuff.

These are fine for building an audience, but they’re hopeless when it comes to enrolling new clients. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your audience, and growing your income.

​Academy for Coaches is different

We teach our students cutting-edge marketing techniques that really work, and we give you the technical support AND the mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your coaching business.

And when you’re ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help our clients scale their coaching practice to 6 and then 7-figures...

Work Directly With Academy For Coaches 

Great! Now you are excellent in coaching and you have started to get clients and your own coaching business is starting to thrive.

You've completed your graduation with Academy For Coaches, congratulations. 

At this level we would love to partner with you and bring you into our inner circle of Master Coaches. 

In this phase you will have an opportunity to work closely with Academy For Coaches to help mentor and develop our new students as a Master Coach. 

Some of our graduates love the idea of partnering with us and some prefer to focus on their own coaching business. And some do a little bit of both. 

We are ready and happy to support you every way in your coaching journey.

Welcome to Academy for Coaches.
All the best,

Brajamohan Das

What The Top 1% Of Coaches Know that You Don't


I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business

Academy For Coaches... Helping Coaches...

​Get The Right Clients

Attract 10-20 high potential clients a month without writing endless content, blogging, YouTube, or any other boring things you don’t feel like doing.

At The Right Price

Our average client charges between $3,000 to $10,000 for their signature coaching services. What would YOUR life be like if you earned 8-10x more for EVERY client?

Anytime You Want

Our client enrolment machine runs like clockwork…bringing in new high paying clients to your coaching business every single day.

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The 6 Shifts To Make In Your Coaching Business

That Create Rapid Growth & Transformation... 

​Charge Premium

When you charge premium prices your clients show up take action and get better results.

​Leveraged coaching

Deliver a 1-to-many coaching model that gets better results in less time.

​Premium Packages

Create premium-coaching-packages that clients love and happily pay you high-fees.

​Flow of Prospects

Don't depend on hope for getting clients. Use a proven system that brings in a flow of quality prospects 24/7.

​Enrol Clients Easily

Don't use pushy sales tactics. When you position coaching the right way, prospects will be chasing you.

​Automate & Scale

Most people work in their business and get stuck. We work on the business and create freedom with Automation.

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A Little About

Brajamohan Das

Brajamohan Das is the founder and CEO of Academy for Coaches.

He is a specialist in helping coaches build world-class and high-profit coaching businesses that transform lives at the same time.

He's worked with 1000's of new and experienced coaches from around the world to...

  1. Create financial freedom 
  2. Create time freedom
  3. Impact peoples lives

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