Become A Transformational Coach & Build A Thriving Business

Ready to create a fulfilling career where you help others transform their lives? Our ICF-certified program empowers you to become a master coach, unlock your own potential, and build a thriving business that nourishes your soul.

ICF Approved Coach Certification Training

Master powerful coaching techniques aligned with spiritual values

  • Beyond Information: We don't just teach theory – we guide you to create transformational shifts for your clients.

  • Supportive Community: Thrive alongside like-minded coaches, receive expert mentorship, and find the support to go further.

  • Gain ICF credentials and become a highly sought-after coach.

  • Build a thriving coaching business that nourishes your soul and creates financial freedom.

Real Coaches, Real Transformation

"From Information to Transformation: This training transcended stories and delivered results, it's exceptional. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to become a master coach!"

"This program helped me break free from old patterns and step into my true purpose. I'm getting clients and creating an impact and loving it"

"If you are considering doing your coach training with Academy For Coaches don't think twice and go ahead. This program wen't way beyond all of my expectations"

Go Beyond Surface Level Coaching Methods

Elevate your impact with our exclusive 6-Level framework, designed for long-lasting client breakthroughs.

(See The Curriculum at the Bottom of Page)

  • Transform Limiting Environments into Growth Spaces: Empower clients to create surroundings that fuel their success and wellbeing.

  • Replace Limiting Habits with Success Behaviors: Help clients break free from self-sabotage and cultivate empowering habits for lasting change.

  • Unlock Hidden Potential Through Skill Development: Guide clients to tap into their strengths and develop the skills needed to achieve their goals.

  • Align Actions with Core Values for Fulfilment: Support clients in creating a life where their actions reflect their deepest values, leading to greater purpose and satisfaction.

  • Rewrite Limiting Beliefs for Unstoppable Confidence: Help clients identify and transform the deep-seated beliefs holding them back, unlocking their true potential.

  • Guide Clients to Embody Their Ideal Selves: Witness profound shifts as clients step into a new identity aligned with their highest aspirations.

See the Transformation Coaches Experience

You'll Have Support Every Step Of The Way

Weekly Content And Training

Learn at your own pace with our weekly released trainings. Choose the learning style that best fits you thanks to our video and PDFs materials. Dive deep into the concepts and frameworks and then join our live Classroom Sessions to implement everything you’ve learned.

Weekly Live Classroom Sessions With Master-Coaches

Join the Academy For Coaches master coaches for LIVE classroom sessions where you can ask questions and receive personal guidance. All sessions are recoded and available in the Vault to view anytime.

Bi-Weekly Interactive Peer Coaching Practicums

Put your coaching skills to the test and accelerate your growth in a fun and supportive environment. Work with like-minded coaches, practice your techniques, and receive constructive feedback from our Master Coach Facilitators. This hands-on experience will boost your confidence and prepare you to succeed in real coaching sessions.

Unlock Your Full Coaching Potential with Our Empowering Community

Find your tribe, accelerate your growth, and elevate your impact within our vibrant global community. Connect with like-minded coaches, exchange ideas, get support to overcome challenges, and celebrate your wins. Discover a place where collaboration, inspiration, and shared purpose fuel your success as a coach.

Elevate Your Coaching Business with Weekly Mastermind Sessions

  • Get tailored strategies for your unique coaching style.

  • Learn the insider secrets of high-earning coaches.

  • Create a client attraction system that works.

  • Elevate your skills, attract more clients, and build the coaching business of your dreams.

Unlock Your Coaching Potential:

Explore Our Program Levels

Master Coach

  • 6 Month Coach Training

  • ICF-Approved Coach Training (124 hrs)

  • Advanced Coach Certification

  • Executive Coach Certification

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Advanced Coach

  • 3 Month Coach Training

  • ICF-Approved Coach Training (70 hrs)

  • Advanced Coach Certification

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Share the Transformation:

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  • Create a Ripple Effect: Not only will you unlock your own potential, but you'll empower others to do the same.

  • Build Your Network: Imagine the support and collaboration you'll experience as part of a community you helped create.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Experience the program risk-free! If you're not completely satisfied within the first 15 days, let us know, and we'll refund your investment – no questions asked.

Flexible Pricing Options for Your Coaching Journey

We believe transformative coaching should be accessible to all driven by a passion to make a difference. If traditional payment options are a challenge, we offer two paths to support your growth:

  • Flexible Payment Plans: To request a flexible monthly payment plan schedule a call with one of our coaches at the bottom of this page.

  • Bursary Fund (Limited Availability): For those experiencing financial constraints, our Bursary Fund provides partial funding based on individual needs.

  • Work Trade Program: Exchange your time and talents for our transformative coach training. Contribute your unique skills to support our community in exchange for your coaching journey.

Discover the Path That Fits You:

Schedule a personalized call with one of our coaches below to explore these options and find your ideal path to becoming a certified coach. (scroll to bottom of the page)

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Here's What You'll Learn

Discover The Life Mastery Method® Master-Coach Curriculum

(A short sample from an introductory training)

The Life Mastery Method® 3.0

Uncover the hidden depths of human possibility through Deep Transformation Coaching

Master a heart-centered coaching system that empowers clients to manifest their dreams and unlock their full potential – all aligned with ICF principles.

  • Client Transformation: Help clients move from discontent to clarity, aligning their lives with their deepest desires and achieving lasting fulfillment.

  • ICF Alignment: Our approach seamlessly integrates ICF core competencies, fostering powerful, ethical coaching experiences.

  • Heart-Centered Focus: Guide clients towards profound inner transformation, manifesting their dreams from a place of purpose and authenticity.

  • Coach Empowerment: Develop your skills, build a thriving practice, and witness the profound impact you have on your clients' lives.

  • Uncover Client Potential: Coach clients in discovering their true desires and breaking through limiting beliefs and internal obstacles.

  • Align for Success: Help clients bring their inner and outer worlds into harmony for effortless manifestation.

  • Develop Mastery: Become a transformative coach known for helping clients achieve extraordinary results.

Module 1: Identify Your Discontent

Develop Powerful Coaching Skills to Guide Client Self-Discovery & Ignite Inner Transformation – Learn to facilitate deep exploration of discontent, fostering clarity, motivation, and a growth mindset.

  • Facilitate Client Breakthroughs: Empower clients to unlock their own insights, overcoming stagnation and initiating positive change.

  • Foster a Growth Mindset: Guide clients in reframing challenges as opportunities for personal evolution.

  • Utilize Powerful Questioning: Develop the skills to ask questions that provoke deep contemplation and self-awareness in clients.

  • Become an Agent of Change: Witness your impact as a coach as clients create lasting transformation from the inside out.

Module 2: Discover Your Big Dream

Master Coaching Techniques to Facilitate Client Dream Exploration, Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs, and Spark Self-Driven Action – Guide clients in uncovering their deepest desires, overcoming obstacles, and creating actionable plans.

  • Facilitate Deep Self-Discovery: Help clients tap into their authentic desires and create a compelling vision for their future.

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Coach clients to challenge self-sabotaging thoughts and develop empowering beliefs.

  • Ignite Motivation and Drive: Support clients in building intrinsic motivation and taking consistent action towards their dreams.

  • Develop Your Coaching Expertise: Enhance your ability to hold space and facilitate powerful transformational breakthroughs with your clients.

Module 3: Align Existence

Develop Coaching Skills to Guide Client Alignment for Success – Empower clients to bring harmony to their thoughts, beliefs, actions, and environment in support of their goals.

  • Explore Inner and Outer Alignment: Coach clients to identify areas where their internal and external worlds may be in conflict.

  • Facilitate Conscious Choice: Coach clients to make mindful decisions that create greater congruence in their lives.

  • Unleash Flow State: Coach clients toward a state of harmonious action and effortless manifestation.

  • Elevate Your Coaching Presence: Develop your ability to guide coach towards deep alignment and lasting transformation.

Module 4: Match Frequency

Develop Techniques to Help Clients Shift Their Energy and Attract Abundance – Coach clients in understanding how their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions influence their reality.

  • The Power of Energy: Educate clients on the relationship between their mindset and their life experiences.

  • Cultivate Positivity and Abundance: Help clients embody gratitude, joy, and optimism to attract desired outcomes.

  • Facilitate Energetic Shifts: Develop coaching skills to support clients in raising their vibrational state and aligning with their manifestations.

  • Expand Your Coaching Toolkit: Enhance your understanding of mindset work and its role within a pure coaching framework.

Module 5: Remove Internal Resistance

Master Coaching Skills to Help Clients Overcome Internal Blocks & Achieve Breakthroughs – Empower clients to identify and release subconscious resistance, unlocking their full potential.

  • Identify Root Causes of Resistance: Help clients become aware of their self-limiting beliefs and patterns.

  • Facilitate Release and Transformation: Coach clients in using powerful techniques to overcome internal obstacles.

  • Accelerate Client Progress: Support clients in achieving greater momentum and success after releasing resistance.

  • Embody Inner Freedom: Become an example of overcoming resistance, inspiring your clients to do the same.

Module 6: Transcend Time

Develop Coaching Techniques to Help Clients Release Attachment to the Past & Future – Empower clients to embrace present-moment awareness for greater fulfillment and goal achievement.

  • Facilitate Deeper Awareness: Guide clients in recognizing how their focus on past and future might hinder progress.

  • Cultivate Present-Moment Focus: Help clients develop mindfulness practices to stay grounded in the here and now.

  • Unleash Flow State for Action: Coach clients to tap into a state of focused presence, optimizing their efforts towards their goals.

  • Embody a Transformational Presence: Develop your ability to hold space and facilitate deep shifts in your client's awareness.

Module 7: Strategize Actions

Master Coaching Strategies for Goal-Setting & Action Planning – Help clients create actionable roadmaps aligned with their dreams and values.

  • Clarity Through Coaching: Facilitate the process of turning dreams into concrete, measurable goals.

  • Foster Client Accountability: Develop skills to support clients in creating structures for consistent action.

  • Prioritization for Success: Help clients identify high-impact actions that align with their core values and desired outcomes.

  • Empower Client-Driven Solutions: Foster a sense of ownership and autonomy in clients as they design their action plans.

Module 8: Optimize Environment

Help Clients Create Supportive Environments for Transformation – Guide clients in aligning their surroundings with their goals and fostering a mindset of success.

  • Assess for Alignment: Help clients identify elements of their environment that support or hinder their growth.

  • Design for Success: Empower clients to make mindful changes to their physical and social environments for optimal goal achievement.

  • Mindset Matters: Facilitate clients how their environment can impact their beliefs, motivation, and emotional state.

  • Elevate Your Coaching Presence: Develop the ability to coach clients toward a holistic perspective on their environment's impact.

Module 9: Harvest Fruits

Cultivate Gratitude, Abundance & Fulfillment: Help clients embody an abundance mindset, fostering joy and appreciation for their journey.

  • Nurturing a Gratitude Mindset: Coach clients in developing practices to focus on appreciation and positivity.

  • Embracing Fulfillment in the Journey: Help clients find joy in the process, not just the outcome, of their transformation.

  • Recognizing Progress: Develop coaching skills to help clients acknowledge their wins and celebrate growth along the way.

  • Develop Your Own Gratitude Practice: Enhance your coaching by embodying the principles you teach your clients.

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Certification FAQ

All the acronyms, options, and titles can be overwhelming. We hope this helps!

Find out about Certification, ICF, and more here!

Level 1: Advanced Coach: Certification & Requirements

Advanced Coach - Level 1 is our foundational coaching course. In this course you will be taught the fundamentals of coaching in the ICF Coaching Model and be given the tools and techniques to begin your business as a professional coach. Coaching Level 1 is essential and must be taken before attending Level 2 Master Certified Coach.


• No Prerequisites


• Earn 60 ICF Training Hours towards your ICF Credential

• Become a Level 1 Advanced Certified Coach / Certified Professional Coach

• Earn your eCertificate & Digital Badge

• Never Expires

• Recognized Worldwide

When you complete Coaching Level 1, you can and are expected to start coaching clients and charging for your services.

Level 2: Master Coach: Certification & Requirements


• 124 ICF Accredited Training Hours


• Completion of Advanced Coach and 25 Hours of Coaching (minimum)


• Earn 124 ICF Training Hours towards your ICF Credential

• Become a Level 2: Master Certified Coach / Master Certified Professional Life Coach (MCC/MCPC)

• Earn your eCertificate & Digital Badge

• Never Expires

• Recognised Worldwide

When you complete Coaching Level 1 & 2, you can and are expected to continue coaching, be prepared to earn your ACC or PCC with the ICF, and raise your coaching rates.

What is the ICF?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization for coaches and coaching. ICF is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

What is an ICF Accredited Program? Level 1 Program?

ICF accredits programs (AFC) that deliver coach-specific training. ICF-accredited training programs must complete a rigorous review process and demonstrate that their curriculum aligns with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Academy For Coaches provides ICF Level 1 Training.

This gives students the ability to earn enough education and mentoring hours, along with a performance evaluation, to apply for their ACC or PCC with the ICF.

What is the difference between certification and credentialing?

Certification means the coach has training.

Credential means the coach has training, experience, and expertise.

ICF does not issue certifications. ICF accredits school who issue certifications.

ICF issues credentials to Coaches who apply.

Being certified by an ICF accredited school however, is the first step towards working towards your ICF credential.

Why do I need a certification?

Coaching in the ICF Coaching Model means that you have a very specific skillset. One that ICF has laid out in detail. Certification ensures that you are trained within the ICF Coaching Model and practice coaching using the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Furthermore, In order to gain your credential from ICF the first step is to be certified by an ICF accredited school. Certification comes after 60 hours of training. After completing 60 hours of training from an ICF accredited institution you have acquired enough training and are encouraged to start coaching and coach in the ICF coaching model you are taught in your training.

Once you have been certified you can begin logging coaching hours that will count towards your credential. Only hours acquired after certification count towards your minimum required coaching hours in the eyes of ICF.

This makes certification the first step on the way to being credentialed.

What is an ICF Credentialed Coach?

ICF continues to offer the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners.

ICF Credentials are awarded to professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession. Achieving credentials through ICF signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, understanding, mastery of coaching skills, and dedication to clients.

Coaches are accredited through ICF in 3 levels

1. Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

2. Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

3. Master Certified Coach (MCC)

AFC's Coach Training provide coaches with 125 training hours and the foundation they need in order to achieve credentials with the ICF. To earn your ACC you need:
• At Least 60 ICF Coach Training Hours. (Our Coaching classes provide 125 hours)

• 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a minimum of three months to be documented on your online application. Your Mentor Coach must be an ACC who has completed a full cycle of the credential through renewal, PCC or MCC in good standing. (We provides access to Mentor Coaches)

• A minimum of 100 hours (75 paid*) of coaching experience with at least eight clients following the start of your coach-specific training. At least 25 of these hours must occur within the 24 months** prior to submitting the application for the credential.

• Performance evaluation (audio recording and written transcript of a coach session to be uploaded with your application).

• Completion of the ICF Credentialing Exam.

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